Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Honeymoon [Part 4/8]: A Magical Evening for Two

Paul has to eat something. After hours of crying and vomiting in his hotel room, he needs to eat regardless if he is up for it. He left his work phone for charging, grabs a jacket and exits the room. On his way to the lobby through the caged elevator, he keeps wondering if he should just fly back to Singapore and see Dini. What's the point of staying here when you are sick and your heart's not in it anymore? Tell Jen you have to work. Tell her there's a company crisis. Get Mark to call you and let her know that it's serious. Without you, the bank will fall apart. Whatever, do something. You have to go back. 

The Honeymoon [Part 3/8]: Bed and Breakfast in Treviso

Paul is in the hotel room alone. He has used the sick card again to get out of sight-seeing with Jen's new found friends. He isn't lying because he is really ill, with possibly the latest bug that is going around infecting everybody. So infectious that it is mandated to install a hand sanitizer at everywhere you turn, and hand shaking can be fined. But his real intention of staying behind is to call Dini.  

The Honeymoon [Part 2/8]: How to Say Love in Italian

Paul looks visibly shaken after listening to his voicemail on the cellphone. His plane though diverted to land in Treviso due to a medical emergency, remains on the runway for a good 70 minutes. The plane is now locked down for a police investigation. Passengers are now breaking into groups and generating heated discussions among themselves. Paul overhears the group behind raving about how the emergency landing grown to become the airline's plot to steal from their luggage.

At one point, a huge white guy wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt stood up and spat, "Don't think we have no idea what you are trying to pull here! This country is down in the dumps and now they are desperate enough to do anything! First thing outta the people that step into this land. I know my rights! Give me my money back!" When Michael Jackson guy catches Paul looking at him, he sneers, "That means you as well! Job stealing nut here, there, everywhere." A police officer moves over to hush him down.

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Honeymoon [Part1/8]: Romantic Destinations

Someone in a couple of rows behind coughs repeatedly and violently.

Jen Kwok wakes up in her seat, her eyes flutters open softy in tears at a dream that she could no longer remember why she is crying. But she knows that it was a good dream and a positive vibe that better things are coming her way. Why not? After all she is with the man of her dreams, on their way to Venice, one of the most romantic destinations on the planet for their honeymoon.

In darkness, the man of her dreams is sitting right beside her - Paul Quek whom ironically is not having the most romantic time of his life. Paul is wrapped in whatever blankets and sweaters they could find on the plane; positions himself diagonally with his head hyper-extended, possibly for better airway ventilation, his eyelids swimming in an overactive REM sleep and complete the image of a bubonic plague victim with large pieces of tissue paper plugging up his swollen nostrils to stop the leak.

Poor baby.... She combs his hair sympathetically. Her fingers trails down his arm and finds that he is still clutching on to his work phone. Paul is a workaholic, as competition has always been stiff in the banking industry. Jumping hoops for an upcoming promotion, he sprung straight to work after their wedding and had wanted to postpone their honeymoon.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Keep on writing!

Here's a picture of me and my baby boy on his 1 year old birthday party. He is 15 months old now and we affectionately call him Baby Boat.

Becoming a father has changed me greatly. I am more emotive and reflect on past events on a regular basis.

There are two things in my life I have never ever expect from living through this skin and life:

1. I'm a father of 2 before the age of thirty.... (yeah, Wifey is 3 months pregnant, again)

2. I can rap....

Hell if someone had traveled through time and told my 5-years-ago-me that, I would have never believed it!

Then again, I can't believe that they are folding Multiply. It's sad. My daddy emotional are acting up again. It's getting hard to let go of the beautiful stuff. I will miss the stories here and most of all, you guys...

Let's drop by here more frequently before December. I will do some backup-ing and write you guys one more tale for the road. Actually I have been plotting to rewrite a horror story for Multiply since the dawn of 2012, but I have been sitting on my fat ass then doing so.

Now, I have a deadline. Great, I eat pressure for breakfast ya noe'?


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bat taste in my mouth, or Top 10 reasons why TDKR is shit. (Spoiler alert ahead)

The only thing that was good about Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, in short TDKR, that it analyzed why its predecessor Dark Knight was the undisputed champion of Batman long list of franchise movies. Hell, this insight also showcase all of the flaws of every superhero gems that fail across the board in their theatric forms.

Sure, TDKR had a bigger war, stronger enemy, sexier female lead and a menacing batplane, but like any movies without the element of story and acting, had me writing a long and teary farewell note to the 3 freaking hours I had wasted sitting in the dark with yawning strangers. The only person who could act was Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth. Anything else that barely resembled any signs of acting was that nuclear bomb in the truck. Christian Bale as usual was as stoic as Tay Ping Hui. Anne Hathaway grinning dumbly from scene to scene. Morgan Freeman was acting Morgan Freeman acting as Morgan Freeman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was always staring faraway dreamily as if he was shooting some tampon commercial and was perpetually enjoying an unbridled bliss from his crotch.

F**k this shit.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012